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One area of our overall health that many folks neglect is dental care.

A lack of basic dental care, especially in kids and youngsters can result not only in cavities and unsightly cosmetic problems but it could also lead to gingivitis, or

gum disease as it is more commonly known, a nasty condition that can be hard to cure once it sets in. An infected tooth can be one of the most unpleasant things possible

at times and it is then when many people have to bite the bullet and visit the dentist's office. As that is usually an emergency visit it can end up costing much more

than a regular check up does.

But neglecting dental health can have an effect on more than simply your teeth. Studies have indicated there are links between poor dental hygiene and diabetes and heart

disease. Another study demonstrated that pregnant ladies who had dental Problems were at a higher risk for giving birth to a premature or low birth weight child.

Skipping the dentist to save money isn't a sensible economy. If looked after your teeth can last you for a whole life, which is far more fit and more attractive than a

mouthful of dentures.

Fear of dentists is sort of common. Possibly as it's pretty normal to be frightened of somebody poking around at your teeth while using a drill. So the actual question

is how to get over your dentist fear?

1. Find a good dentist

Ask your mates and work colleagues who they use and whether or not their dentist has a good manner. Hard as it is to believe when you're laid back in that chair with

your mouth open and vulnerable, but dentists are folks too. Some deal better with scared patients than others.

2. Interview your dentist

Before undertaking an inspection or a course of work, arrange to have an interview with your dentist. Explain your fear and ask them how they are going to help you to be

as stress free as it is definitely possible to be during your trips.

3. Take someone with you

Check that your dentist will permit you to have someone with you to reassure you and mentally or physically hold your hand during the process.

4. Learn how to relax and breathe

If you immediately turn into a human impression of a stiff plank of wood as quickly as you enter a dental surgery, the possibilities are that learning some form of

relaxation will help you. Even a simple breathing exercise will all help. Then when it's your time to make the scary visit, take yourself into relaxation mode. Breathe

efficiently and quietly, instead of the common hyperventilation.

5. Clean your teeth frequently and floss often

Prevention is way better than the cure. Make sure your teeth are kept in spotless condition with regular brushing and flossing. That way there's less chance of any

dental work needing to be done and you can start to perhaps even anticipate your trips to the dentist as you know no work should need to be done.

If you are in Forest Hills And Other Surrounding Neighborhoods You would do well to consider a vist to Preferred Dental Care at 146-10 45th Ave • Flushing, New York

Why are Preferred Dental Care's Services So Special?

* Great Qualifications. The average dentist in our Flushing office has dedicated over 6 years to dental education. That's's far beyond the everyday dentist's 4 years.
* complete Dental Care. With specialties from orthodontics ( makes teeth straight ) to periodontics ( makes gums healthy ) to oral surgery ( removes teeth with special

care ), you can stay here for your dental needs.
* state-of-the-art Technology. Even the most complicated dental procedures happen in an effective manner thanks to our on-site laboratory and advanced dental technology.
* Saturday and Evening Appointments. Our clients who work the classic 8 to 5 day truly appreciate this.
* Financing Options. We consider ourselves very reasonable and offer a spread of ways for you to handle your payment, should you want the assistance.
* Comfort facilities. From fresh coffee and a huge colorful fish tank in our lobby to music, leather chairs, and TVs in each operatory, we take pride in our appearance,

and we've done all this for our patients' comfort.
* Multi-Lingual. We proudly talk English, Spanish, French, Korean, Urdu, and Hindi in our office.
* simple Commute. Located without delay across from Flushing Hospital, we will be reached by both bus and subway.

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